Patinated Bronzes

Here is where you can find the bronzes with patina, they have unique colouring and hand finished detailing.
patinated leaping fox
You can really see this fox flying through the air! The added patina gives it that extra special touch. This is definitely one of our personal favourites. Standing at approximately 16cm and 9cm at it widest point.
standing mouse with patination
A bronze mouse standing proudly with a lovely long tail for balance. Golden in colour with Paul's initials 'PJ' embedded. Approximate size, 9cm tall and 8cm at its widest point.
scooter hare with patination
The bronze scooter hare with a difference. The eyes and gold tips are hand painted for extra movement as the light hits this stunning piece. Approximately 10cm in heigh and 10cm in length.
dormouse with patination
A charming dormouse perched on a branch! Such a beautiful golden colour with hand painted eyes and Paul's initials embedded in the bronze. Paul's latest bronze sculpture. Approximate size,15cm tall and 10cm wide
turning hare with patination
A shyly turning hare, patinated in a wonderful brown and gold tipped ears and feet. Measures at approximately 15cm in height.
fighting hares, patinated maquette
This piece made by Paul, is a miniature of a sculpture standing eight feet high! This piece stands at approximately 30cm in height and is equally impressive in it's own way. Wouldn't you agree? It also has the added colouring and as always, the artists initials 'PJ' are embedded in the bronze.
sitting hare with patination
The classic small sitting hare with added patina, gold tips and hand painted eyes. At approximately 10cm in height, this prefect little hare will sit comfortably in any collection.
lying hare
Another classic pose of a magical hare with added patina and gold detail. A great addition to sit next any of our other small hares. Approximately 12cm in length, 6cm in height and 8cm in depth.