lying cat
Relaxing - as cats do! Paul has truly captured the serene life of our much loved pet. Such a wonderful gift for any cat lover. Approximate size, 17cm in length and 4cm tall
large otter
So strong yet so elegant, you can really see the movement in this beautiful piece. Limited edition with authentic certificate of provenance. Measures at approximately 20cm in height and 23cm at it's widest point.
Paul's inspiration for this piece has come straight from his garden pond. He's captured this lovely creature perfectly. It is solid bronze and measures at approximately 5cm tall and 8cm at it's widest point.
patinated leaping fox
You can really see this fox flying through the air! The added patina gives it that extra special touch. This is definitely one of our personal favourites. Standing at approximately 16cm and 9cm at it widest point.
tiny mouse
Such a cute little bronze mouse having a quick wash! Measures at approximately 5cm in height and 5cm in length.
standing mouse with patination
A bronze mouse standing proudly with a lovely long tail for balance. Golden in colour with Paul's initials 'PJ' embedded. Approximate size, 9cm tall and 8cm at its widest point.
sitting dog
Are you more of a dog person? This adorable little bronze pup stands at 7cm tall and is 8cm from paw to tail.
stretching cat
Three's a crowd? We think not! This adorable stretching cat is part of a collection of three, including a playing and lying cat. Approximately measuring at 18cm in length and 13cm in height.
swimming otters
The balance on this piece is just amazing. Bronze sculpture of two swimming otters touching by just one foot. Approximate size, 29cm tall and 20cm in length.
An adorable dormouse perching on a branch. This is one of Paul's latest bronzes. Approximate size, 15cm tall and 10cm wide
dormouse with patination
A charming dormouse perched on a branch! Such a beautiful golden colour with hand painted eyes and Paul's initials embedded in the bronze. Paul's latest bronze sculpture. Approximate size,15cm tall and 10cm wide