Limited Edition Bronzes

These are the pieces that are limited to a certain amount. They all come with a signed and sealed provenance from Paul.
large otter
So strong yet so elegant, you can really see the movement in this beautiful piece. Limited edition with authentic certificate of provenance. Measures at approximately 20cm in height and 23cm at it's widest point.
rolling hare
A limited edition of 150. Solid bronze with Paul's initials embedded. Approximately 18cm tall and 18cm at it's widest point. This sculpture will create interest with it's quirky stance!
large leaping hare
*** Please contact for delivery *** If we can hand deliver - we will! What an eye catching sculpture! This elegant hare measures at approximately 45cm tall and 50cm at its widest point. Limited edition piece of 95.
limited edition dancing hare
This is a Limited Edition of 150 and comes with a Signed and Sealed Provenance from Paul. Standing just over 20cm in height, this wonderfully quirky sculpture is a fantastic addition to the collection.