Latest Work

Jump straight to this collection for the newest bronze and ceramic work by Paul Jenkins. Please email us if you can't find what you're looking for:
large stoneware hare
***Please contact for delivery*** If we can hand deliver, we will! Brand new for 2019, this hare handsomely stands at approximately 25cm tall and measures at 30cm at its widest point.
large stoneware hare
***Please contact for delivery enquiries on this item*** If we can hand deliver we will! Another new piece by Paul. Each one of these are individually handmade, making each one completely unique - this is what we love about ceramics! Approximately 29cm tall and 30cm at it's widest point.
large fox
*** Please contact for delivery information *** if we can hand deliver - we will! This is one of Paul's largest pieces he has recently made. This proud fox would be a superb centre piece in anyones home. Standing at approximately 40cm tall and 20cm at it's widest point.
ceramic sitting hare
Paul has been busy experimenting with new techniques and now has his new collection of ceramic sculptures. These would be a great addition if you are already a collector, or look just as striking on their own. This particular hare sits at approximately 15cm in height and 17cm at its widest point.
ceramic hare, listening.
This is another addition to Paul's new ceramic collection. The copper colouring really makes this stand out, a great piece on it's own or in amongst his other art works. This particular hare stands at approximately 20cm in height and 16cm at it's widest point.
ceramic hare, resting
Beautiful new hare handmade by Paul. A classic pose with a brand new copper finish. This particular hare stands at approximately 14cm in height and 16cm at it's widest point. Would match up perfectly with any of the slightly taller hares in the collection.
ceramic hare, slightly turned
A perfect hare pose with a beautiful copper finish. All sculptures have Paul's initials 'PJ' embedded in the work, ensuring it's authenticity. This hare measures at approximately 14cm in height and 19cm at it's widest point.
ceramic hare, white chest.
Another new piece for the collection. This features the new copper colouring, more attention to detail in the eyes plus a proud white chest. This hare measures at approximately 16cm high and 16cm at it's widest point.
limited edition ceramic hare
This is a slightly taller hare for Paul's new collection. The extra attention to detail includes the white chest, extra definition in the eyes plus the new copper colouring. There is only one of these available so don't leave it too late! Approximate size: 22cm in height and 15cm at it's widest point
ceramic hare, resting
What we love about Paul's new collection is that each individual piece is so unique. The spontaneous variety of colours on this particular hare are stunning. It's scruffy chest and piercing eyes certainly makes this piece stand out.
large sitting hare
The largest of the new sculptures. This beautiful piece stands at approximately 35cm in height and 38cm at it's widest point. The attention to detail includes the new hand painted defined eyes and new copper finish, which is featured throughout Paul's new collection. A definite talking point in anyones home.
Say hello to the newest member of the Paul Jenkins collection. Loved by so many, this popular miniature dog is ready to find it's new home! The ceramic figure measures at approximately 18cm long and 15cm at its tallest point.
french bulldog
Quite the popular pooch at the moment! This French Bulldog is ceramic but finished with a bronzed coloured glaze. They are hand built and absolutely adorable! Approximate size, 30cm at its widest point and 25cm tall. The initials 'PJ' are hand drawn into the piece to ensure its authenticity. Please note that this sculpture is made to order.
nude figure study
What a classic pose portrayed in such a contemporary way. This stylized ceramic figure has a crystalline glaze, this is what forms the beautiful crystals you can see. It is one of the most difficult yet effective processes Paul uses and it is definitely on of our favourites. Approximate size, 21cm in height and 10cm at it's widest point.
resting cat
This feline looks so peaceful! It measures at approximately 28cm at its widest point and 10cm in height. Made from stoneware and has Paul's signature 'PJ' embedded.
raku fired bird
Quirky birds with pewter feet. Do you know anyone who loves to watch the birds from their window or feed them in their garden? These chirpy little birds would make a perfect gift. Measuring at approximately 12cm in length and 6cm tall. Unique Raku firing. Due to the nature of the production of these pieces, each bird will be slightly different to the next. This is what we love about the ceramics world! If there is a particular bird you would like we will do our best to make that h
large stoneware hare
What a beauty! This striking animal is one of Paul's most recent works. A talking point for anyones home. It measures at approximately 30cm in height and 30cm at its widest point.
stoneware fox
Who gets to watch the foxes in their garden? There is currently only one of these remarkable pieces! This has a slightly different feel to Paul's usual style, measuring at 22cm tall and 18cm at it's widest point.