Stunning new ceramic pots, vases and more with truly fascinating glazes. All handcrafted by Paul Jenkins.
crystaline pot
This complex method of firing creates such a magical glaze. The spontaneous crystals make each design absolutely unique. This piece is approximately 19cm tall and 17cm wide.
turquoise cristalline pot
A lovely neutral colour to go with any decor. Exceptional crystalline finish and unique shape. Measures at approximately 23cm wide and 20cm tall.
large fox
*** Please contact for delivery information *** if we can hand deliver - we will! This is one of Paul's largest pieces he has recently made. This proud fox would be a superb centre piece in anyones home. Standing at approximately 40cm tall and 20cm at it's widest point.
Say hello to the newest member of the Paul Jenkins collection. Loved by so many, this popular miniature dog is ready to find it's new home! The ceramic figure measures at approximately 18cm long and 15cm at its tallest point.
nude figure study
What a classic pose portrayed in such a contemporary way. This stylized ceramic figure has a crystalline glaze, this is what forms the beautiful crystals you can see. It is one of the most difficult yet effective processes Paul uses and it is definitely on of our favourites. Approximate size, 21cm in height and 10cm at it's widest point.
saggar fired dish
Hand thrown by Paul and Saggar fired makes each piece completely unique. This is perfect if your looking for something to add to a coffee table or dining room. Approximate size, 20cm diameter and 8cm in height.
saggar fired pot
Another completely individual and eye catching pot handmade by Paul. A perfect gift for any art lover. Approximate size, 12cm diameter and 11cm tall.
saggar fired pot
Saggar fired, entirely handmade by Paul. In this unique collection you will not find any identical pieces, making them truly one of a kind. Approximate sizes,16cm diameter and 9cm tall.
saggar fired dish
These pots are perfect to complete a newly decorated room. The firing technique makes each one unique. The diameter is approximately 14cm across and 9cm tall.