lying cat
Relaxing - as cats do! Paul has truly captured the serene life of our much loved pet. Such a wonderful gift for any cat lover. Approximate size, 17cm in length and 4cm tall
large otter
So strong yet so elegant, you can really see the movement in this beautiful piece. Limited edition with authentic certificate of provenance. Measures at approximately 20cm in height and 23cm at it's widest point.
Paul's inspiration for this piece has come straight from his garden pond. He's captured this lovely creature perfectly. It is solid bronze and measures at approximately 5cm tall and 8cm at it's widest point.
crystaline pot
This complex method of firing creates such a magical glaze. The spontaneous crystals make each design absolutely unique. This piece is approximately 19cm tall and 17cm wide.
turquoise cristalline pot
A lovely neutral colour to go with any decor. Exceptional crystalline finish and unique shape. Measures at approximately 23cm wide and 20cm tall.
large meerkat
Standing tall and proud, this cheeky meerkat is the perfect quirky gift for any animal lover.
sage and thyme
Sage and Thyme are the most adorable companions. They measure at 18cm tall and 20cm from front to tail. A great gift for cat lovers.
alert hare
As seen on BBC's amazing TV series 'Inside Number 9'. This classic hare sculpture stands at 17cm tall and 13cm at its widest point.
lying hare
A classic pose in classic bronze. A great addition to any collection. This sculpture measures at 12cm in length and 6cm tall.
large stoneware hare
***Please contact for delivery*** If we can hand deliver, we will! Brand new for 2019, this hare handsomely stands at approximately 25cm tall and measures at 30cm at its widest point.
large stoneware hare
***Please contact for delivery enquiries on this item*** If we can hand deliver we will! Another new piece by Paul. Each one of these are individually handmade, making each one completely unique - this is what we love about ceramics! Approximately 29cm tall and 30cm at it's widest point.
rolling hare
A limited edition of 150. Solid bronze with Paul's initials embedded. Approximately 18cm tall and 18cm at it's widest point. This sculpture will create interest with it's quirky stance!
large fox
*** Please contact for delivery information *** if we can hand deliver - we will! This is one of Paul's largest pieces he has recently made. This proud fox would be a superb centre piece in anyones home. Standing at approximately 40cm tall and 20cm at it's widest point.
large leaping hare
*** Please contact for delivery *** If we can hand deliver - we will! What an eye catching sculpture! This elegant hare measures at approximately 45cm tall and 50cm at its widest point. Limited edition piece of 95.
stoneware dog
Another new piece to the Paul Jenkins collection. This beautiful sculpture is prefect for any dog lover. Approximately measuring at 20cm tall and 18cm at its widest point.
patinated leaping fox
You can really see this fox flying through the air! The added patina gives it that extra special touch. This is definitely one of our personal favourites. Standing at approximately 16cm and 9cm at it widest point.
resting cat
This feline looks so peaceful! It measures at approximately 28cm at its widest point and 10cm in height. Made from stoneware and has Paul's signature 'PJ' embedded.
raku fired bird
Quirky birds with pewter feet. Do you know anyone who loves to watch the birds from their window or feed them in their garden? These chirpy little birds would make a perfect gift. Measuring at approximately 12cm in length and 6cm tall. Unique Raku firing. Due to the nature of the production of these pieces, each bird will be slightly different to the next. This is what we love about the ceramics world! If there is a particular bird you would like we will do our best to make that h
large stoneware hare
What a beauty! This striking animal is one of Paul's most recent works. A talking point for anyones home. It measures at approximately 30cm in height and 30cm at its widest point.
stoneware fox
Who gets to watch the foxes in their garden? There is currently only one of these remarkable pieces! This has a slightly different feel to Paul's usual style, measuring at 22cm tall and 18cm at it's widest point.
tiny mouse
Such a cute little bronze mouse having a quick wash! Measures at approximately 5cm in height and 5cm in length.
saggar fired dish
Hand thrown by Paul and Saggar fired makes each piece completely unique. This is perfect if your looking for something to add to a coffee table or dining room. Approximate size, 20cm diameter and 8cm in height.
standing mouse with patination
A bronze mouse standing proudly with a lovely long tail for balance. Golden in colour with Paul's initials 'PJ' embedded. Approximate size, 9cm tall and 8cm at its widest point.
saggar fired pot
Another completely individual and eye catching pot handmade by Paul. A perfect gift for any art lover. Approximate size, 12cm diameter and 11cm tall.
sitting dog
Are you more of a dog person? This adorable little bronze pup stands at 7cm tall and is 8cm from paw to tail.
saggar fired pot
Saggar fired, entirely handmade by Paul. In this unique collection you will not find any identical pieces, making them truly one of a kind. Approximate sizes,16cm diameter and 9cm tall.
scooter hare
Doesn't this show Paul's amazing talent for movement? This classic bronze measures approximately 10cm in height and 10cm in length. It has Pau's 'PJ' signature and is a perfect piece to add to any collection.
stretching cat
Three's a crowd? We think not! This adorable stretching cat is part of a collection of three, including a playing and lying cat. Approximately measuring at 18cm in length and 13cm in height.
saggar fired dish
These pots are perfect to complete a newly decorated room. The firing technique makes each one unique. The diameter is approximately 14cm across and 9cm tall.
small sitting hare
This adorable little hare has been remodelled to ensure the best quality. Standing proudly at 10cm tall and bearing the authentic 'PJ' initials.
swimming otters
The balance on this piece is just amazing. Bronze sculpture of two swimming otters touching by just one foot. Approximate size, 29cm tall and 20cm in length.
ceramic bird
Quirky stoneware birds with pewter feet. Do you know anyone who loves to watch the birds from their window or feed them in their garden? These chirpy little birds would make a perfect gift. Due to the nature of the production of these pieces, each bird will be slightly different to the next. This is what we love about the ceramics world! If there is a particular bird you would like we will do our best to make that happen however this may not be possible.
small boxing hares
A classic pose of two hares boxing. Have you been lucky enough to see this happen in the wild? These little guy stands at approximately 12.5cm. Solid bronze with the signature 'PJ' embedded.
An adorable dormouse perching on a branch. This is one of Paul's latest bronzes. Approximate size, 15cm tall and 10cm wide
scooter hare with patination
The bronze scooter hare with a difference. The eyes and gold tips are hand painted for extra movement as the light hits this stunning piece. Approximately 10cm in heigh and 10cm in length.
dormouse with patination
A charming dormouse perched on a branch! Such a beautiful golden colour with hand painted eyes and Paul's initials embedded in the bronze. Paul's latest bronze sculpture. Approximate size,15cm tall and 10cm wide
turning hare with patination
A shyly turning hare, patinated in a wonderful brown and gold tipped ears and feet. Measures at approximately 15cm in height.
limited edition dancing hare
This is a Limited Edition of 150 and comes with a Signed and Sealed Provenance from Paul. Standing just over 20cm in height, this wonderfully quirky sculpture is a fantastic addition to the collection.
fighting hares, patinated maquette
This piece made by Paul, is a miniature of a sculpture standing eight feet high! This piece stands at approximately 30cm in height and is equally impressive in it's own way. Wouldn't you agree? It also has the added colouring and as always, the artists initials 'PJ' are embedded in the bronze.
turning hare
A gentle sculpture depicting a turning hare. This is one of Paul's more recent bronze sculptures. Standing at approximately 15cm in height.
sitting hare with patination
The classic small sitting hare with added patina, gold tips and hand painted eyes. At approximately 10cm in height, this prefect little hare will sit comfortably in any collection.
attacking hares
This piece has amazing grace and balance, you can really picture the hares attacking each other in the wild. It stands at approximately 18cm in height and 16cm in length
lying hare
Another classic pose of a magical hare with added patina and gold detail. A great addition to sit next any of our other small hares. Approximately 12cm in length, 6cm in height and 8cm in depth.
tiny hare looking forward
Another fantastic miniature bronze by Paul Jenkins. This hare maybe little but the detail is still outstanding. Approximate size, 6cm in length and 4cm tall.
fighting hares, maquette
A strong sculpture of two hares in battle. This piece made by Paul is a minature of an orginal which stands amazingly at 8 feet tall! However this sculpture stands at approximately 30cm in height and is still equally as stunning.
gazing hare
Another elegant Hare by Paul. Such a tactile sculpture. This solid bronze sculpture stands at 10cm and measures 7cm at its widest point.
larger moongazing hare
Just look at those paws! A beautiful sculpture depicting a hare staring up at the sky. The looser style on this piece makes it so interesting. 13cm height 9cm widest point
cleaning hare
One of Paul's smaller pieces of a hare cleaning itself. A great addition to anyones collection or perfect as a gift for any animal lover. Approximately 7.5cm in height with Paul's initials embedded in the bronze.
tiny turning hare
So much detail in such a small piece. These miniatures look superb - especially this little guy with his head turned. Approximate size, 5cm at its widest point and 6cm in height.
tiny moongazing hare
Another one to add to the 'moongazing' collection - and the smallest one! Petite yet eye-catching. Approximate size, 7cm in length and 4cm tall.
larger front foot leaping hare
Slightly larger of the leaping hares. This superb sculpture is balancing by just one foot! Approximate size, 15cm in length and 12.5cm in height.
front foot leaping hare
A classic sculpture from Paul's open edition. Paul has captured this elegant yet strong hare leaping through the air perfectly. Measuring at approximately 17cm in length and 8cm in height.
back foot leaping hare
Elegance and grace as this hare leaps through the air! Solid bronze sculpture by Paul. Approximate size is 15cm in length.