large leaping fox
Bronze Open Edition Leaping Fox
PRICE INC. VAT: 328.00  
bronze long tailed mouse
Open Edition Mouse feeding
PRICE INC. VAT: 91.00  
bronze playing cat
Part of Paul's Collection of cats.
PRICE INC. VAT: 168.00  
new scooter
This is Paul's new running hare with brown and gold patination and part of his new collection.
PRICE INC. VAT: 190.00  
open edition bronze fighting hare
This is an Open Edition sculpture of Fighting Hares. Part of Paul's new collection in Brown and Gold giving depth to the design.
PRICE INC. VAT: 370.00  
new turning hare
A lovely gentle sculpture depicting a turning hare with a gold and brown patination. Part of Paul's new collection.
PRICE INC. VAT: 290.00